About Me

My name is John. I am currently a third year student pursuing undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Statistics. I was born in Saigon, Vietnam and later moved to Fremont, California. Ever since I was little, I always wanted to play with computers. I was so fascinated with computers that I learned how to make websites using Microsoft FrontPage when I was eight. I remembered the very first computer I had was an MS-DOS computer. I was more excited to receive that computer than getting a PlayStation that year.

When I was nine years old, our family moved to the United States. Being in my new home, I struggled with English. I could not express myself in class nor did I have many friends because of the language barrier. For that reason, I made a commitment to myself to learn English and be able to communicate as fast as I could. All those times I would otherwise spend on the computer would then be used towards reading and writing. I forgot about computers.

Because of that coming into college, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I chose to be an Economics major because of my prior interest in the stock market. However, after taking my first computer science class at UC Davis, I fell in love with the subject. My long lost love for computers was renewed.

My current interest is in big data and mobile development. My goal is secure an internship position for Summer 2017. After finishing my undergraduate degrees I strive to attend Graduate School and receive a Master's degree in Statistics.

Uncharacteristic of many engineers, I have great interpersonal skills, and excel in teamwork, and public speaking. As commissioner of ASUCD Business and Finance commission and member of UC Davis Club Ultimate Team, competition, leadership, and teamwork are integral parts of my character. Overall I am a dedicated young man to my academics, extracurricular organizations, and to my employment.

Outside of school, I like to read, invest in stocks, play ultimate frisbee and exploring the outdoors. You can learn more about my interests in the hobbies tab.

This website acts as a hub for my projects as well as my online profiles for you to learn more about me.
Hope to talk soon!


  • Dean's List
  • AP Scholar
  • GPA: 3.40
  • Upper Division GPA: 3.58

Work Experience    

June, 2015-May, 2016

California Aggie

I worked as a business manager for the California Aggie, UC Davis student run newspaper. My duties included: assisted the Editor in Chief drafting and implementing the ASUCD Budget, worked on policies to improve the newspaper commercial operations and general business practices, advertised and promoted the newspaper’s presence on campus.

June 2015 - September 2015

State Street

I was a part of the Securities Valuation division to price exchange traded assets. When I was an intern, I had the opportunity to worked alongside associate and senior analysts to produce pricing reports needed to calculate changes net asset value of selected mutual funds. My other duties included: Researched, reviewed, and analyzed pricing sources to ensure accurate valuation. Provided information needed to prepare financial statements and reports for client, shareholder, director and management reports, in an accurate and timely manner. Worked in with individuals on the team as well as other business units to ensure seamless pricing valuations according to the fund’s policies. Operated Bloomberg and Reuters Terminals to research financial information.

June, 2014-Sep, 2014

LED Alternative Energy

LED Alternative Energy was a UC Berkeley start-up aimed at revolutionizing the ways businesses illuminate their environment. LED provided a full comprehensive retrofit of business old lighting to LED’s, saving them money, which would have alternatively gone to the utility bill. I was a part of a three man team that managed all of the financial aspects of the company from logging expenses onto QuickBook to developing presentations for potential investors. This job really taught me what it takes to build something from the ground up.

May, 2014-Nov, 2014

ASUCD Business and Finance Commission

As a part of the commission, I oversaw budget hearings, weekly spending bills and major legislations. This position helped gain great communication and public speaking skills. I also advised the Student Senate on fiscal concerns within the organization, and analyzed individual units' performance and wrote audits for Senate to use in budgeting decisions. Some meetings had over 400 people in attendance, and was published on the school’s newspaper. You can read more about it here. An example of our bills can be seen here.


Bachelor of Science - Expected 2018

University of California, Davis

At UC Davis, I have the opportunity to grow as a person and as a student. Being the first person in my family to attend college, I struggled the first two quarters adjusting to the new academic structure. But since, I have learned from my mistakes and adjusted my study habits. I have gotten above a 3.5 GPA every quarter since then.

iOS Development - Summer 2016


Due to the lack of mobile development courses at UC Davis, I enrolled in Udemy’s online course on mobile development. The course is extensive and has guided me through cloning well established apps such as Instagram, Flappy Bird and Uber. The Complete iOS 9 Developer Course is taught by Rob Percival.

Web Design - Winter 2015

Code Academy

Out of curiosity, I stumbled upon this web design course on Code Academy. The course covered the basics of HTML and CSS. Using this course as a starting block, I have self-taught myself front end web technologies.


C++ 90%
Python 50%
R 85%
iOS Development80%

*Percentages reflect my proficiency in the language

My Projects


The Pulpit Rock

My IM basketball team.

The Pulpit Rock

My friends and I at Joshua Tree.

The Pulpit Rock

My brother and I at Point Reyes.

The Pulpit Rock

Ultimate Frisbee.